7 Dog Friendly Beaches In Florida [Your Pup Will Love]

Florida is a beautiful state to have your summer vacation, as it offers many beaches you can enjoy. However, some people prefer to take their dogs with them but still wish to enjoy some beach time while in Florida, so which beaches in Florida are dog friendly? 

There are many dog-friendly beaches you can choose to visit when on vacation in Florida, but the best dog-friendly beaches that offer the most to you and your dog include:

  1. Fort Myers Beach
  2. Flagler Beach
  3. Anne’s Beach
  4. Bonita Beach
  5. Davis Island Dog Beach 
  6. Jupiter Beach
  7. Key West Dog Beach

What do these beaches offer you and your dog while you visit them? Which of these beaches can your dog be off-leash? 

This article will explore all these questions and more, so keep reading!

Are There Dog-Friendly Beaches In Florida? 

Florida is a beautiful state where many like to go for summer vacations, as they have beautiful beaches and many attractions and activities you can be a part of. 

Florida is an excellent place for the whole family, and everyone will enjoy their holiday there.

If you plan your summer vacation to Florida, you might be unsure if you can take your furry family member to enjoy the beaches. 

Thankfully, there is no need to spend money on expensive dog boarding kennels, as there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches in Florida that you can enjoy with your dog.  

Which Beaches In Florida Are Dog Friendly? 

So, there are dog-friendly beaches in Florida that you can play and run around on with your dog, but which beaches are dog friendly, and which are the best? 

You want to guarantee that you have the best experience while on your vacation, so knowing which beaches are the best and offer the most is important. 

In addition, you need to ensure they offer precisely what you need, depending on how long you want to stay at the beach daily. 

Let’s go through the best dog-friendly beaches in Florida and what they offer you and your dog to ensure you both have the best summer vacation. 

1. Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Florida, and it’s also a great place to bring your dog. The beach is between the New Pass Bridge and the Lovers Key State Park, and entry to this beach, even with a dog, is free. 

You can let your dog run around without a leash and swim in the water while you enjoy the beach.

Fort Myers Beach offers doggy showers, so when your day of fun is done, you can rinse all the sand off your dog before heading back to your hotel. 

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog, so bring some doggy poop bags. 

There are no fresh water fountains for you or your dogs, so ensure you bring enough water for everyone. No glass containers or alcohol are allowed on this beach. 

2. Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach

You should visit Flagler Beach on your summer vacation if you stay close enough to it. Flagler Beach is spectacular; it offers 6 miles of beachfront to run and play on, with loads of colorful shells for those who like to shell hunt while on the beach. 

Flagler Beach is located between Dayton Beach and St. Augustine on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The stretch of Flagler Beach north and south of 10th street is considered the dog beach. 

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog, so bring doggy bags. 

There are no water fountains for you or your dog, so ensure you bring enough water for everyone. Your dog should stay on a leash at this beach, but the leash can be 8 feet long. 

There are no facilities for you or your dog on this beach, so use the bathroom before going. 

3. Anne’s Beach

Anne’s beach is quite secluded but beautiful and dog friendly. It is in Islamorada, on Lower Matecumbe Key, between Key West and Key Largo. This beach has two small but free parking lots that you can use. 

There are shaded picnic tables, a shallow swimming area for you and your dogs, and bathroom facilities at Anne’s Beach. 

Your dogs are allowed to run off-leash on this beach. However, you need to bring enough water for everyone as there are no water fountains, and you will need to clean up after your dogs. 

4. Bonita Beach

Bonita Beach

Bonita Beach is a lovely little dog beach that you and your dogs will enjoy. This beach welcomes all sizes of dogs, and your dogs can run free off-leash and splash around in the water. 

Bonita Beach can be found near the Bonita Springs and Fort Myers Line, right outside Lovers Key State Park. 

There are doggie shower stations and a portable toilet for you to use at Bonita beach, but you are responsible for cleaning up after your dog and providing water for everyone with you. 

Parking at Bonita Beach is free, so you don’t need to bring cash. 

5. Davis Island Dog Beach 

Davis Island Dog Beach is a vast 2.5-acre designated dog park located on Davis Island, which is an archipelago. This beach is close to Tampa. 

Davis Island Dog Beach consists of two sections; an unfenced beach area where your dogs can roam free off-leash and enjoy the water and a fenced-off dry and grassy area.

Both sections of this dog beach have doggy shower stations and water fountains for you and your dog to drink from. 

This is a top-rated dog beach, so your dog will have many dogs to make friends with while at the beach. 

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dogs at Davis Island Dog Beach. 

6. Jupiter Beach

Jupiter Beach is a lovely beach with 3.4 miles of beachfront, with 2.5 miles dedicated to dogs, so you and your dog will have enough space to run around. This beach is located on Florida’s southeastern coast and is beautiful. 

You and your dog will enjoy warm waters surrounded by mangroves and massive dunes at this beach. 

The waters of this beach are calm, so you won’t find many huge waves. Dogs can go off-leash on Jupiter Beach if they are friendly and won’t cause trouble with other dogs. 

Garbage bins and doggy poop bags are supplied on the beach, and access to this beach is free. 

However, if you decide to visit Jupiter Beach, you need to be aware that a strong rip current can take you out to see. So don’t go further in than waist-high to be safe.

7 Key West Dog Beach

Key West Dog beach is an 87-acre state park with a pre-Civil War fort on the Florida Keys. Dogs are welcome to roam free off-leash at this beach and enjoy the warm waters of the Gulf. 

It is one of the locals’ favorite dog beaches because dogs can roam on the rocky shoreline and have a blast in the crystal clear waters. 

Unfortunately, there are no facilities on this beach, so you need to bring your own water and poop bags for your dog.

It is a small little beach, and at certain times of the year, the decomposing grass in the area can make it smell bad. However, it is a great beach to enjoy with your pup.

Final Word

Florida is a beautiful state to have your summer vacation, and you can take your dogs with you, as there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches you can enjoy. 

The best dog-friendly beaches are Fort Myers Beach, Anne’s Beach, and Jupiter Beach, but any beach on the list above will ensure you and your dog have a good time. 

Enjoy your beach adventures with your dog in Florida!

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