Where Do You Pee When Kayaking? [Solutions for Both Genders]

Answering the calls of nature while kayaking can be challenging. It is often easier for men, but women are at a definite disadvantage when a full bladder makes their eyes water. There are a few solutions, but it is best if you are kayaking with people you know, as most of them are not particularly discreet. If you do not know your fellow kayakers well, guaranteed you will have become much closer after needing to pee during your kayaking trip. 

If you need to pee when you are kayaking, you have a few options. You can pee in the water, in the kayak, into a receptacle, or on land. This applies to both sexes, and there are various methods of completing your chosen option. Do not avoid drinking to avoid peeing, as you will get dehydrated.

Each kayaker will have a preferred method of peeing while kayaking, which may vary according to their kayak and where they are. 

Can I Jump Into The Water To Pee While Kayaking?

One of the easiest solutions for both men and women is to jump into the water if they need to pee while kayaking. However, some people may have some qualms about this, feeling it may harm wildlife. 

When urine mixes with water, it breaks down into nitrogen and urea. 

Nitrogen is used as food by many algae and underwater plants, which feed the fish. The amount of urea in a lake or sea is tiny and does not pose a toxicity problem in such large bodies of water. 

It is unwise to jump into the water to pee if sharks, alligators, or crocodiles are in the area. 

Although it is untrue that these animals are attracted to urine, they are attracted to splashing or something resembling prey. 

Anyone in the water is at risk of an attack from any of these large apex predators. 

Giant alligators, crocodiles, and certain types of sharks will be more likely to attack people. This is because they can handle an oversized prey item and will not hesitate to attack.  

Bull sharks live in fresh water and the sea and are highly aggressive and prone to attack people. 

Great whites, tiger sharks, shortfin mako sharks, and oceanic white tips are all known for attacking people. Do not get out of your kayak if you are in an area where these sharks occur. 

Some people struggle to get back into their kayak once they get out. 

There is a lot of splashing and wriggling without any progress. These people should not get into the water. They risk exhaustion and possibly drowning or attracting the attention of a predator.  

Can I Pee Into The Water From The Kayak?

Men are at an advantage in that they can pee from their kayaks more easily without getting in the water. This is sometimes known as the “golden fountain or arch among kayaking circles.” 

Some kayakers manage to achieve this while sitting. However, others are not as gifted and kneel in their kayaks while emptying their bladders. 

Female kayakers have more difficulty peeing in the water while remaining in the kayak. Usually, they need a buddy to come alongside them in their kayak. 

The buddy stabilizes both kayaks, and the lady in need stands or kneels with one leg on either kayak as they get rid of their bladder contents. 

This technique does not work well in rough waters or if the lady needing relief has balance issues.  

Another technique women use is to have a buddy stabilize their kayak while they skillfully sit sideways and drop their buttocks over the edge, and pee. 

An excellent option for sit-on-top kayaks is to pee in the scupper holes. 

The pee washes out from the scupper holes into the water.  

It is crucial to think in advance when choosing kayaking apparel. For example, wet suits should have flies or openings in the relevant areas to allow easy peeing. 

Some people pee through their wetsuits. Others are unhappy with this and must carefully choose what they will wear while kayaking.  

Many men prefer to wear swimming shorts with a wet suit jacket while kayaking to allow for ease of peeing. However, this may not be practical if you kayak in very cold areas. 

Women can wear bikini bottoms while kayaking in warm weather, making peeing easier. If necessary, the bikini gusset can be slid to the side without pulling down the entire bikini bottom. 

Pee Into A Container While Kayaking

A simple solution, especially for men, is to pee into a container if the urge to go strikes you in the middle of your kayaking trip. 

Special containers are sold for this purpose, or you can use any plastic bottle. Remember to choose a wide-necked bottle, or you might have to aim delicately or experience unpleasant splashback if you try to force the issue.  

Some people prefer to use a ziplock bag if their aim lacks finesse. Dispose of the bottle or bag once you reach the land. Some people empty the urine into the toilet and rinse the bottle for later reuse. 

Women have more of a challenge peeing into a container. 

Fortunately, some enterprising companies have developed solutions such as the Shewee or similar products. These essentially resemble a funnel that attaches to a spout that can be directed into a container. 

Can You Pee In Your Kayak?

Some people are relaxed about peeing while in their kayak. They feel so much water washes into their kayak that it is not a problem to pee in it. 

They usually rinse their kayak well and add a bleach solution rinse to maintain sanitary conditions.

Head For Land To Pee While Kayaking

If you have enough time and you can land your kayak easily, then stopping to pee on land is an easy option. 

Be aware of wildlife that frequents the banks of the water. It isn’t easy to run fast to get away if your wet suit is around your ankles.  

Final Word

Peeing while kayaking is something that levels the playing field and keeps kayakers humble. Therefore, having good kayaking friends that can assist you in your toileting endeavors is essential. 

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