What Are Clear Kayaks Made Of? Are Clear Kayaks Worth It?

Clear kayaks offer something that the regular ones can’t provide. Not only will you be able to enjoy your time as you’d typically do on a traditional kayak. But the clear bottom also allows you to get in touch with nature, see the bottom of the water, and engage in an exciting experience that will probably impress you every time.

So, what are clear kayaks made of? Are clear kayaks worth it?

Keep on reading to find the answer to your questions.

Clear kayaks are made of high-quality polycarbonate sheets and are made to suit the needs of every kayaking enthusiast. These durable kayaks are made from the same material as fighter jet canopies.

Whether you’re exploring the water for leisure, going fishing, or kayaking as a competitive sport, you will enjoy paddling in one. 

The transparent bottom lets you see the fish and plants under the water and adds more fun to your kayaking experience. 

Materials Used to Make Clear Kayaks

Only the frame of the kayak is made of opaque material, and the bottom and the sides are transparent to provide an excellent field of view while you’re in the water. 

Polycarbonate is a good choice for manufacturing kayaks because it’s lightweight, durable, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, doesn’t absorb water, and allows the light to pass through. Moreover, this material is easy to fabricate, so you’d find various options available. 

The polycarbonate material usually has a protective coating to make it more resistant and improve the kayak’s performance. Other parts of the kayak, like the frame, are made of other materials like fiberglass and aluminum. 

Why Should You Buy a Clear Kayak?

Several materials are used to make kayaks, like polyethylene, glass composites, and carbon composites. And each one of them has its pros and cons. So, what makes polycarbonate a good choice for your kayak? Here are some of the pros of buying a transparent kayak made of polycarbonate sheets. 

● Because polycarbonate is easy to fabricate, clear kayaks can be made into any shape, and they’re reasonably priced given the benefits they deliver. 

● This material doesn’t break, bend, or crack even when you drill it. You shouldn’t worry about your weight or the weight of your gear because this material is exceptionally sturdy. 

● Polycarbonate is resistant to UV, especially when it’s treated with anti-ultraviolet radiation. As a result, it doesn’t degrade or turn yellow when exposed to different temperatures. 

● Polycarbonate is lightweight compared to other materials. This gives you the ability to go faster on your kayak without exerting much effort. At the same time, this material is able to handle larger loads, so you don’t have to worry about your yak breaking into pieces while you’re in the water. 

● Because it’s lightweight, storing and transporting your clear kayak will be an easier process. This might actually encourage you to use your yak more often. 

● This material has high impact resistance. You might accidentally hit a rock or another kayak while you’re in the water, but your transparent kayak will stay intact. 

● This transparent material allows for high light transmission. Being able to see the water below and all the exotic plants and marine life will add more fun to the overall experience. You can actually take very cool photos without having to leave your kayak. 

● Polycarbonate is resistant to water and salt, so your kayak will stay in good shape. 

● Clear kayaks are easy to clean, which guarantees that your kayak will last for a very long time. In this case, it’ll be a better investment than a cheaply made kayak that won’t last for a couple of years, especially if you take your kayak to the sea. 

● A clear kayak is stylish and fashionable. While this might not be the first thing to consider while shopping for a kayak, there’s no harm in buying a kayak that looks and feels good. The ability to see the water from all angles is definitely what makes this kayak a lot more stylish than the regular ones. 

What Can You Do in a Clear Kayak?

When you have a clear kayak, you can actually do all the things that you’d typically do in a regular one, plus a little more. Here are some fun activities you can enjoy in a clear kayak. 

● Whitewater rafting is possible in a good kayak, whether it’s clear or not. But when you have a clear one, you can actually see the currents and the water moving below you. The good thing is that if you have a big kayak, you can also have a friend or a family member on the same kayak. 

● You can also go surf kayaking if you have the needed paddling abilities. It’s a fun activity for those who love extreme sports, and the transparent kayak will make it more amusing. 

● Kayaking in a clear yak is an excellent opportunity to take good photos. If you don’t want to hold your hand out of the kayak, you can take breathtaking shots of the marine life through your kayak’s bottom. 

● Seeing the water below can help you identify locations where fish are gathering. Your kayak’s clear bottom will help you locate and target more fish if you’re going fishing. A clear kayak will definitely improve the chances of a beginner angler. 

● Even if you’re not into any extreme activity, you can simply chill and relax in your clear kayak. It offers an excellent chance for sightseeing and observing nature. You can even pack some food for a lake picnic. 

Are Clear Kayaks Worth It?

Given the benefits they deliver, clear kayaks are definitely worth it, as long as you’re picking yours from a reputable manufacturer. 

Indeed, clear kayaks cost a little more than the other regular ones, which are usually made of plastic. But they’re more resistant, durable, and definitely more fun. 

Other top-quality kayaks are made of carbon composite or even plastic, but they don’t provide that fun element that you can only experience in a clear kayak. 

A clear kayak is maneuvered and controlled just like a regular one. It can even be a little easier to navigate than a polyethylene yak because it’s lighter. 

A well-built clear yak is highly stable and balanced, so you’ll be able to enjoy your time to the maximum. It might also be a better choice for a beginner. 

Final Word

Clear kayaks are definitely worth the hype. These kayaks are made of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, which are resistant to impact and UV.

Moreover, they add a fun element because you can actually see the water below with all its wonders. Buying a clear kayak might cost you more money, but it’s a worthy long-term investment. 

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