Is Kayak Fishing Better Than Bank Fishing? [Pros & Cons]

There are many reasons that might make you prefer kayak fishing to bank fishing. But of course, which kind of fishing is “better” depends on the person and their preferences. Both sports offer a lot of challenge and fun to those undertaking them. We’re going to look at some of the pros and cons of kayak fishing.

Is Kayak Fishing Better Than Bank Fishing?

Kayak fishing is better than bank fishing in that it lets you get to new spots that may not have been fished before. A kayak is far more affordable than a powered boat would be. Kayaks are also portable and give you a great view into the water, as well as helping you improve your fitness levels.

Kayak Fishing Pros

Let’s cover a few of the top ways in which kayak fishing outdoes bank fishing, so you can decide whether it’s right for you. Check out this post to read about other reasons fishing from a kayak can be fun.

It Provides A New Challenge

It’s easy to get a little lazy when fishing from the bank. Even if you switch up your fishing spots and keep moving things around, you’re likely to end up fishing in the same places most of the time, unless you’re willing to go on longer and longer drives to get to new areas.

If you have a kayak, however, you open up a whole world of new fishing spots. In addition, these boats manage very well, even in shallow waters, maximizing the options you have for fishing. 

You can get away from others and find a nice, quiet spot. Rather than fishing in areas where the fish are familiar with hooks.

You’ll also have the fun of learning to kayak (if you don’t already know how). Which adds a brand new element to fishing.

It Gives You A Better Angle

When you’re sitting in a kayak, you’re low to the water, and this totally changes your angle on the whole scene. Instead of standing or sitting above the fish, you are sitting almost on a level with them.

This presents you with the opportunity to revolutionize your fishing style and change your approach. You will have a whole host of new challenges to cope with, rather than being stuck on a bank with few options to bring new life to the sport.

You may find that you switch to a different rod and reel for this kind of fishing or that your usual favorites work just as well in the open water. Whichever it is, you can guarantee that swapping to kayak fishing will change the whole sport for you.

It Opens Up New Fishing Spots

When you only fish from a bank, you are very limited in where you can fish, especially if there are other anglers around. You can’t change your position to get a better angle or to approach a tempting shoal just out of reach of your line.

You are very limited, even if you are working on a long bank or shoreline.

Setting out on a kayak completely changes these limits. Suddenly, any spot is a fishing spot, so you can coast over and stop wherever it suits you.

Tricky to reach areas which the bigger and less maneuverable boats can’t access are a particular boon of being a kayaker – because you have your own private fishing holes that the majority of anglers cannot access.

If you’re getting bored of fishing in your local area, this is a great way to make the whole lake your playground, rather than fishing from the fringes. 

For most people, this change is revolutionary and puts them in touch with the water in a totally new way.

It Helps You Stay Fit

Fishing is already a great sport, but it’s not the most active one out there. If you become a kayaker, you’ll suddenly be exercising many muscles every time you go fishing. This is a great way to boost your health while doing something that you love.

It Brings You Closer To The Action

When you’re on the bank, you’re very removed from what’s going on in the lake. You may be able to see into the water to a degree, but you aren’t “in touch” with it in the same way. As a kayaker, you are suddenly part of the lake, affected by its currents and swells.

You are also a lot closer to the fish, which many people find increases the engagement levels tenfold. Because kayaks are so low to the water, they are much closer to the fish, which puts you in a better position to see what’s going on.

It Is Relaxing

Kayaking is known for being a very relaxing way to get around, and kayaking when fishing is just as good. The quietness of paddling through the water with no engine for a boat and no noise from the shore traffic is a perfect way to fish.

You can even use pole fishing as a way of making it even quieter. This has the added advantage of making it very easy to get close to fish without disrupting them and can massively increase your catch if you’re lucky.

Kayak Fishing Cons

So, what are the disadvantages of kayak fishing when compared with bank fishing?

You Have To Paddle Somewhere

If you’re not keen on the exercise aspect, kayak fishing is not better than bank fishing. You do have to be reasonably fit and healthy to cope with the paddling, and it can take a while to work up the fitness. 

You also have to be strong enough to carry the kayak to the water, and kayaks are very heavy.

Before you buy a kayak, you need to check that it isn’t too heavy for you. If you can’t carry it from your car to the water, it’s going to be a problem!

You Need To Buy A Kayak

One of the biggest cons of kayak fishing is that you have the upfront expense of a kayak. Of course, you don’t have to buy an enormously expensive kayak to get started, but you may want to purchase a fishing kayak.

These give you more flexibility in terms of fishing. They tend to be stabler on the water, have more room for equipment, and some even allow you to stand in the boat and fish from them. 

However, they are often more expensive because they are a more specialist piece of equipment.

Even if you don’t want to buy a fishing kayak, you will find that purchasing a kayak is quite expensive – it isn’t a small investment, but it does make a big difference to your fishing experience.

You Can’t Carry As Much Gear

When you’re fishing from the bank, you can have as much gear as you need in a car nearby. However, this is not an option when you get into a boat; you will have to be much more selective about what you carry with you.

If you try to carry too much gear, you risk your chances of flipping the fishing kayak. In addition, too much weight will make it harder for you to paddle to your favorite fishing area.

Fishing kayaks do have more space in them for gear, so you should make sure that you consider this before you choose a kayak. If you need a lot of space, look for fishing kayaks with plenty of bungee cords, waterproof cabins, etc.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing can be a lot better than bank fishing, bringing you closer to the water and closer to the fish. 

With a kayak, you have so much more fishing potential and flexibility, and you can take off to any spot on the lake that suits you.

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