Is Fishing From A Kayak Fun?

You may have heard about kayak fishing, and if so, you’re probably wondering whether it’s fun and whether you would enjoy the sport. It will depend a bit on whether you enjoy kayaking in general, but kayak fishing can be great fun if you do!

Is Fishing From A Kayak Fun?

Fishing from a kayak offers a lot of flexibility that you won’t get if you fish from a powered boat, a pier, or a river bank. Kayaks give you the scope to get out on the water and access far more fishing spots without an engine disturbing the fish or the peacefulness of the lake. Kayak fishing can be great fun.

What Are The Advantages Of Kayak Fishing?

So, let’s look into what the top advantages of fishing from a kayak are. We’ll cover some of the basics first in case you’ve never been kayaking at all and then go more in-depth for those who already enjoy the sport.

But before we get into how fun it can be, it’s important to know why it’s more fun than bank fishing. 

It’s Good Exercise

Kayaking – whether you choose to fish or not – is a wonderful sport that gets you close to the water world without you actually being in it (although you will probably get a little wet when you kayak).

Kayaking is good exercise, but not so hard that it’s an exclusive sport, and it’s also very peaceful. Many people find the rhythm and sound of the paddles are soothing and almost meditative, and if you enjoy fishing for its calmness, you’ll love fishing from a kayak.

Taking a kayak out allows you to drift to new spots on the lake, cast a line, and then sit and contemplate the world for a while. You don’t have to go anywhere fast, and you don’t have to keep steering or adjusting the boat (at least too much), or put up with a lot of noise.

Many people passionately enjoy kayaking for its gentle, rhythmic exercise and wonderful scenery with or without fish.

You Can Sightsee

Of course, the scenery has another benefit. When you are on a lake or river bank or rushing around in a powered boat, you probably aren’t truly appreciating this scenery. 

Inside a kayak, however, you have to move at a slower pace, and you have more time to enjoy the ever-changing view.

As KayakFishingGuide says, taking some time to appreciate the scenery and sounds of the lake is one of the best bits of fishing from a kayak, so this is definitely an important one to consider when wondering whether kayak fishing is for you. 

If you don’t enjoy taking it slowly and admiring nature, you’ll probably find the sport somewhat dull.

You May Catch More Fish

Because kayaks are shallow boats that can go almost anywhere on the water, they are great for getting to untapped fishing spots. You won’t be in competition with bank anglers or with those on powered boats (or at least not so much). You can take advantage of a kayak’s maneuverability and shallow base to get to tricky parts of a lake.

You might also find that you can catch different fish from a kayak. You can get further out, and the fish that rarely come to the shore will be easy to catch. You may also find that the fish are less wary of hooks if you go to less popular fishing spots.

Kayaks Are Quiet

Kayaks are an excellent option for fishing because they are very quiet. You can even use a pole to propel your kayak in some circumstances, This involves gently pushing your kayak through shallow water with a pole, which can also double as an anchor while you’re fishing.

The quietness of kayaks gives them a real edge when it comes to fishing. 

Powered boats will often frighten off all or most fish before you get anywhere near the shoal, as well as disrupting the atmosphere on the lake. You will feel far more in harmony with the water using a non-powered boat.

Fishing Kayaks Can Be Very Stable

You might be wondering whether kayaks are really stable and safe enough to fish from. Fishing kayaks are specifically designed for anglers. Which means they are wider and stable than recreational kayaks. Of course, hardshell fishing kayaks will be more stable than inflatable fishing kayaks

But even a regular kayak can be stable enough if you are a reasonably competent kayaker and working in calm waters.

If you plan to use your kayak for fishing regularly, you will find it a lot more fun if you use a fishing kayak. 

These have more space for the gear and are wider to increase stability. They also usually have holders specifically designed for the rods to sit in.

What’s Not So Fun About Fishing From A Kayak?

On the other hand, what are the biggest challenges when it comes to fishing from a kayak? What might you want to take into account before you go paddling out there with your rods?

Insects Can Be A Nuisance

While this is true on the bank, fishing on the open water without good bug repellent can be an unpleasant experience. Likewise, fishing from a kayak, especially if you do it at dawn or dusk, can be a nightmare for getting bitten.

Unlike bank fishing, where you can return to a car or tent if you’re finding the insects too fierce, you’ll have to paddle back to shore, and that can feel a long way when you’re getting nibbled.

Your Kayak May Drift

It can be hard to focus on controlling your boat at the same time as fishing. If you want to keep still when there is water movement, you will have to have an anchor, but even if the water seems fairly still, you may find that your kayak drifts frustratingly off course when you try to fish from it.

Unfortunately, anchoring a kayak with a roped anchor is not an easy thing to do. It’s hard to avoid capsizing while you are trying to get the anchor over the side, and this is obviously a disaster that you want to avoid, especially if you can’t get the anchor free.

You need to learn how to anchor your kayak reliably in calm water before you ever attempt it in rough water, or you may actually put yourself in danger. It’s not something to fling yourself into when you first go into a kayak or in tricky conditions.

You may find that an anchor pole is easier to use, and these will help to keep you still in most waters. However, if you can’t anchor your boat somehow, you’re going to find kayak fishing pretty frustrating overall!

You Might Lose Your Equipment

When you’re fishing on the bank, you’re unlikely to lose equipment regularly. Especially if you keep your rods and reels in good condition. Likewise, an experienced kayaker who is diligent about securing their gear shouldn’t lose much in the event of capsizing, but you are more likely to lose gear when you’re out on the water.

You need to make sure that you secure what you can before you go paddling off. But bear this in mind as a potential, especially if you’re going into rough waters.

Final Thoughts

Fishing from a kayak can be great fun for anyone. But if you’ve never been kayaking before, you might want to try the simple experience of paddling before you add the challenge of fishing from the boat. 

However, if you enjoy relaxing, beautiful scenery and the thrill of a catch, fishing from a kayak is perfect for you.

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