Does Busch Gardens Have Water Rides?

Busch Gardens amusement parks are among the world’s most beloved and best-enjoyed amusement parks. Both the Tampa Bay and Williamsburg parks are incredible fun for the entire family, but if you are seeking water-specific rides, are these parks an option? Does Busch Gardens have water rides?

Busch Gardens does have water rides. Busch Gardens parks have water rides, including log flumes and white water rafting rides. The Williamsburg Busch Gardens has a Pompeii-themed water ride with impressive flames and pyrotechnics. These rides are well worth visiting. 

The rides at Busch Gardens are some of the best of their kind and attract visitors from all over the world. These rides are well-built and very safe. However, there is almost nothing more fun than amusement parks with water rides. This leads many to wonder what the rides are like at Busch Gardens. 

Does Busch Gardens Have Water Rides?

Busch Gardens amusement parts are well-known for a wide range of rides and attractions and are known to be some of the best amusement parks for locals and tourists alike. 

The rides at Busch Gardens include several water-based rides. The different types of water rides you’ll find at both parks are:

  • Water slides
  • Lazy rivers
  • Wave pools
  • Children’s water playgrounds
  • Corkscrews

In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular and adventurous water rides that will get you soaked!

Do Both Busch Gardens Parks Have Water Rides?

Both Busch Gardens locations have water rides, which are all of a moderate thrill level, making them appropriate for almost all park visitors. 

The Busch Gardens park in Williamsburg has three water rides, and the Tampa Bay location is equipped with two water rides. 

Both locations have similar rides, but Williamsburg park has a European theme and features a unique water ride based on Pompeii. 

Busch Gardens Water Ride Restrictions

The water rides in both Busch Gardens parks are fun for the entire family. 

There are height requirements for all of these rides that prohibit very young children from riding them, but anyone over 43″ tall will have a blast on any of these rides. 

All of the water rides at Busch Gardens parks are safe, but they can be scary.

They all result in significant splashes, and everyone who rides them will surely get soaked, so make sure you bring a change of clothes. 

These water rides remain some of the biggest attractions at these amusement parks and are some of the best ways to cool down quickly on hot summer days. 

Are The Busch Garden Water Rides Open All Year?

The water rides at Busch Gardens are not open all year round, as they only run during the summer months and are closed in the coldest months of the year. 

This means that if you want to experience the water rides at these parks, be sure to visit when the weather is conducive to getting wet. 

A Look At The Water Rides At Busch Gardens?

There are several exhilarating water rides at both Busch Gardens locations, and they are considered some of the best. 

There are two water rides at the Busch Gardens in Tampa and three at the Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. 

Let’s look at them and explore what they are like to ride. 

Water Rides At Tampa Busch Gardens 

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is the original amusement park location and features two water rides. 

The water rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are:

Ride NameRide ThrillRide TypeMinimum Rider HeightSoak or Not?
Congo River RapidsModerateWater Ride42 inchesGet Soaked
Stanley Falls FlumeModerateWild Water Ride46 inchesGet Drenched
Rapids RacersN/AWater Slide42 inches
Solar VortexN/ARaft42 inches
Wahoo RemixRaft 42 inches

Congo River Rapids

The Congo River Rapids follows closely with the African theme of the overall park’s theme.

This ride is a white water rafting expedition with up to 12 people in a round water raft. It takes riders on a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure through exciting rapids, caves, and waterfalls. 

It travels at a relatively high speed and has many water fountains. 

The raft spins as it moves and provides riders with an exhilarating, safe experience for visitors of all ages. 

The Stanley Falls Flume

The Stanley Falls Flume is a classic log flume ride ideal for even the youngest guests. This is a moderate ride with a height requirement of 46″ inches or 3 feet 8 inches. 

It is a moderate ride that is gentler than the other water rides, but it is still great fun for everyone. 

Tampa Bay’s family-friendly water ride takes you through a lush jungle before plummeting down a 40-foot drop, creating a significant splash that is sure to soak everyone. 

Water Rides At Williamsburg Busch Gardens

The Busch Gardens park in Williamsburg has a European theme, which lends itself to a unique style of water rides. 

This park features three water rides, which are generally considered to be some of the best rides in the entire park. 

The water rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg are:

Ride NameRide ThrillRide TypeMinimum Rider HeightSoak or Not
Escape From PompeiiModerateWater Ride42 inchesN/A
Le ScootModerateWater Ride46 inchesN/A
Roman RapidsModerateWater Ride42 inchesN/A
Riptide RaceSlide42 inches
Big Daddy FallsMedium ThrillSlide42 inches
Malibu PipelineMedium ThrillSlide42 inches

Escape From Pompeii 

Le Scoot

Roman Rapids

Le Scoot 

The Le Scoot ride is a log flume in the rustic New France Village that takes thrill seekers on a 50-foot vertical drop through an old saw mill. 

It offers a great view and travels through several complex sections, including very high structures and long water shoots. 

This ride reaches some relatively high speeds but is safe and fun for all guests. 

Roman Rapids Water Ride

The Roman Rapids ride is similar to the Congo River Rapids ride in Tampa Park. It is located in Festa Italia, a section of the park that opened in 1987. It is themed around a fair celebrating Marco Polo’s return to Italy. 

It is a moderate thrill level ride, and the rafts hold a maximum of six people. The ride starts slowly, but the high-speed water jets propel the raft forward quickly, taking guests on a scenic view. 

The raft twists, spins, and turns as it moves and navigates through many rapids, obstacles, and waterfalls. Expect to come out on the other side soaking wet. 

Escape From Pompeii Water Ride

The Escape From Pompeii is a moderate-level water ride that takes riders on a tour of ancient ruins flume experience.   

This ride is a trip through Pompeii, complete with pyrotechnics and large flames that depict the town amid the Mount Vesuvius eruption. 

This display is highly impressive and has a shocking feel throughout. 

The ride culminates in a major splashdown as the guests on the ride escape the volcano by sliding down a narrow shoot into a large pool. 

Are The Water Rides At Busch Gardens Worth It?

The water rides at the Busch Gardens amusement parks are definitely worth it for thrill seekers. 

There is a ride at these parks to satisfy anyone, and the rides are good fun for guests of all ages. 

These rides provide fun, safe entertainment and take guests through interesting adventures. 

If you visit these parks in the summer, be sure to experience these rides yourself. 

Guests who want to relax without the thrill can enjoy the numerous lazy rivers and giant wave pools.  

How Much Does It Cost to Ride The Water Rides?

You must purchase an entrance ticket to ride the Busch Gardens. Ticket prices vary, but guests who want to visit the water parks must purchase a ticket that includes the water park. 

Garden Busch tickets can be purchased in day tickets, fun cards, annual passes and hotel packages.

Below is a table of the park’s different tickets, including water park access. 

Tampa Theme Park TicketsIncludes Water ParkPriceWilliamsburg Theme Park TicketsIncludes Water ParkPrice
Single Day TicketsNo$66Any Day TicketN/AN/A
Fun CardYesN/ASummer Bounce TicketYesN/A
Two Park TicketYes$99Fall Bounce TicketN/AN/A
Any Day TicketNAN/A2 Park BasicYes$15/month
Three Park TicketYes$53.33/parkBusch Gardens Water Country USAYes$20/month
Four Parks TicketYes57.50/park2-Park PremierYes$26/month
Prices are subject to change, so check the website before you visit.

Final Word

Busch Gardens offers a variety of refreshing water rides, including fumes, slides, and river rapids for every age. These rides are highly popular and considered some of the best at any amusement park. 

If you are a fan of water rides and are in Tampa Bay or Williamsburg, consider visiting the amusement parks to experience their thrilling water rides. 

It’s a great way to spend time outdoors and stay refreshed. 

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