Can You Tow A Jeep With A Class C Motorhome? [Here’s How]

Planning an RV trip this year and want to bring your Jeep along for the ride? Towing the off-roader behind a Class C Motorhome is absolutely possible if it can handle both flat-towing capability and weight capacity. But how do you know whether or not your vehicle will meet those requirements? 

You can tow a Jeep with a Class C motorhome if the hitch towing capacity of the RV is higher than the weight of the Jeep. Flat-towing may be possible for four-wheel drive Jeeps but utilizing a trailer offers an even more secure solution!

There are several Jeeps and motorhomes on the market right now, and understanding the towing capacity of a motorhome can be challenging. 

All Jeeps aren’t towable, and not every motorhome can hold the weight of a Jeep, so answering whether or not a Class C motorhome can pull one becomes complex. So, let’s find out how to tell if a Class C motorhome can tow a jeep.

Can A Class C Motorhome Tow A Jeep?

Class C motorhomes make every road trip a memorable one. In addition, they provide families with the luxury of having their own moving home while they are out exploring and adventuring. 

They can even tow additional vehicles like ATVs or boats to add an extra thrill. 

The short answer is that most class C motorhomes will not have a problem towing a jeep. However, you will need to do your homework beforehand to ensure that your Class C motorhome has the necessary towing capacity and that your Jeep can be flat-towed.

How to Tell If You Can Tow A Jeep?

To tell if you can tow a jeep is to look at the towing capacity of your Class C motorhome and the weight of your Jeep.

The vehicle’s manual should have the amount listed in pounds that it can safely tow. The hitch rating system is based on pounds, so pay attention to this detail.

Your Jeep will also need to be flat-towed behind the motorhome. Many Jeeps are designed for flat-towing, but checking your vehicle’s manual is essential to ensure that flat-towing is approved.

What to Look For?

If you’re like me, you’ve never seen one of these stickers. The sticker and the owner’s manual will include the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and the Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR).

The GVWR is the maximum weight of the loaded trailer. Meaning the weight of the trailer should never exceed this weight.

GCWR represents the total weight of the towed vehicle and RV’s loaded weight combined, including the hitch and any towing accessories. It is unsafe to exceed this weight limit.

Can Motorhomes Tow Vehicles?

When purchasing a Class C motorhome, it’s essential to obtain the vehicle’s tow capacity rating since this number can vary greatly. 

Class C motorhomes usually have a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds and 40,000 pounds, depending on the vehicle. 

Manufacturers give every Class C motorhome a tow capacity rating. This makes it easy for consumers to determine whether it’s the right vehicle to tow their Jeep.  

For example, the Super C Class motorhomes have very high towing capacities due to their chassis, but other Class C RVs may only be able to 3,500 pounds. Therefore, it is important to look at the vehicle’s hitch weight limit, as this is the limit the vehicle can tow from its towing hitch. 

If the weight of your Jeep exceeds the hitch tow limit of your motorhome, then you cannot tow that Jeep with that motorhome. 

Modern Jeeps weigh anywhere between 3,900 pounds and 6,450 pounds. This means that Class C motorhomes on the lower end of the towing capacity cannot tow any Jeep unless it is a very old two-door model with almost no trim. 

For off-roading adventures, a Class C motorhome with an ample towing capacity of over 5,000 pounds can easily manage the load of any Jeep. 

If your goal is to transport your Jeep on your adventures, do not settle for any vehicle with limited capacity. 

Can Jeeps Be Flat Towed? 

Another critical consideration when towing a Jeep with a motorhome is whether or not the Jeep can be flat-towed. Motorhomes can only flat-tow a vehicle unless the vehicle is placed on a trailer. 

Most Jeeps can be flat-towed, but models without four-wheel drive must never be flat-towed, as this towing method can damage the transmission system of these vehicles. 

If your Jeep has a four-wheel drive system, you can likely flat tow without any issues. However, always look to your owner’s manual to confirm it can be flat towed.

If the Jeep is incompatible with flat-towing, it must be put on a trailer and towed by a Class C motorhome to avoid potentially causing permanent damage. 

Always check the correct towing method for your Jeep before towing it. 

What Is The Best Method For Towing A Jeep With A Motorhome?

Some Class C motorhomes can tow specific Jeep models, but what is the best method for towing a Jeep in this way?

The ideal way to tow a Jeep with a Class C motorhome is to load the Jeep onto a trailer for towing. This method is far safer than flat-towing. In addition, using a trailer is much more controllable and far safer for both vehicles, regardless of the circumstances. 

However, adding a trailer to the equation significantly increases the weight that the RV must be capable of towing. If the RV cannot tow the Jeep and trailer weight combined, this method is not safe to use. 

Flat towing is the safer method, if the motorhome can only tow the jeeps weight.

If you must flat-tow your Jeep, always consult the owner’s manual for the towing procedure for the vehicle. Most modern Jeeps have a specific sequence of control inputs to configure the Jeep for flat-towing. 

If you don’t properly configure your vehicle before towing it, you risk causing damage during the towing process.

With the proper care, caution, and attention to detail regarding compatibility between vehicles for safe towing and secure setup of both cars for hauling, you can safely tow your Jeep behind a Class C motorhome. 

Final Word

 You can only tow certain Jeep models with certain Class C motorhomes, provided the motorhome has a towing capacity that can handle the weight of the Jeep. 

If your motorhome cannot handle the weight of the Jeep, or if the weight of the Jeep is at the threshold of what the RV can handle, it is better to drive the Jeep rather than tow it. 

Before embarking on any journey that involves towing a Jeep with your motorhome, it is essential to ensure the vehicle’s tow capacity and weight are within safe limits. 

Failing to do so can be dangerous.

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