Can You Drive A Jeep Without Doors In Pennsylvania?

The sight of a Jeep Wrangler without its door on is almost as iconic as Jeep itself. Many Jeep owners will tell you that driving without doors gives them a profound sense of freedom. Very few things come close to the experience of driving a car without doors, the sun on their face, the wind in their hair, but is it legal to drive without the doors in Pennsylvania?

You are not legally allowed to operate a vehicle without doors in Pennsylvania. Failure to adhere to Pennsylvania law will result in a fine and possible prosecution should you fail the comply with the law multiple times. That said, local law enforcement doesn’t consistently enforce this law.

So what exactly do the law and common sense have to say about driving a Jeep without doors in Pennsylvania? 

Does removing your Jeep’s door have an impact on its structural integrity? If you could remove the doors, how would you do it? We’ll answer all these questions to help you stay legal. 

Can You Drive A Jeep Without Doors In Pennsylvania?

According to the Pennsylvania vehicle code 175.77 regarding your vehicle’s body, your Jeep must have doors equipped and operational. In addition, your Jeep’s doors must have the ability to be closed securely and need to open easily. 

Besides the side doors, should you wish to remove the tailgate, you must replace your Jeep’s tailgate with a net, wood planking, or other materials that will prevent any cargo loaded in the back from falling out. 

You can remove the tailgate if you install optional equipment like a truck camper.

Failure to adhere to Pennsylvania law will result in a fine, which could easily exceed two hundred dollars. Local authorities selectively enforce this specific law. 

The likelihood of you getting fined for driving a Jeep without doors in Pennsylvania depends on the officer’s mood.

Should You Remove The Doors From Your Jeep?

Jeep enthusiasts have argued for and against removing the doors from your Jeep. However, removing your vehicle’s doors fundamentally alters the vehicle’s structural integrity, resulting in a loss of protection should your Jeep get into an accident.

Another reason you shouldn’t remove your Jeep’s doors is that it exposes you and your Jeep’s interior to the elements. In addition, rain, hail, and snow can damage your Jeep if you remove its doors. 

Many Jeeps were not built with removable doors, and removing them takes tremendous effort, making it difficult to reattach them if the weather changes abruptly.

Studies have shown that owners that have Jeeps without doors get pulled over more often. Therefore, removing your doors will only inconvenience you and agitate local law enforcement. 

You should only remove your doors and operate your Jeep without doors on private property where law enforcement won’t bother you.

How To Remove Your Jeep’s Doors

If you’ve recently bought a Jeep Wrangler, you might have seen that it comes with a door removal kit. This kit contains all the tools to remove your Jeep’s doors so you can safely store them away. 

However, If you are unsure of how to remove your Wrangler’s doors using the included toolkit, check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do it.

Remember that injury may occur when working close to mounting points on hinges. You should wear gloves and use a rubber mallet and your wrench set to avoid damaging your or your Jeep’s doors.

If you can’t find door removal instructions in your Wrangler’s owner’s manual, see the instructions below to help guide you through the door removal process.

  1. Fold your Wrangler’s side mirrors inwards to avoid damaging them.
  2. Roll your door’s windows down. Doing so gives you access to either side of the door and helps protect the glass.
  3. Remove the safety strap located on the inside of the door.
  4. Disconnect any wires that connect the door to the body.
  5. Undo the nuts and bolts securing the door to the chassis with your wrench.
  6. Carefully lift the door off its hinge once all the bolts have been removed, be careful not to underestimate the weight of the door, as this might hurt you.
  7. Store your doors properly. Cover them with a thick blanket, or hang them on your garage wall.

Will Car Insurance Cover My Jeep If It Doesn’t Have Doors?

Most car insurance companies include removing the Jeep Wrangler’s doors in their policy, as this functionality is standard with all Jeep Wranglers. 

It is worth noting that this might change from insurer to insurer if you are unsure whether your Jeep is covered after you remove its door, phone your insurer, or review your insurance policy.

You should review your car insurance annually and update the insurance company whenever you make any changes to your vehicle. There are many alterations that insurance companies will accept and a few that they won’t cover. 

It is up to the owner to find out what is and isn’t covered.

Is Pennsylvania The Only State That Has This Law?

Pennsylvania is the only state with a law against driving a car without doors. All other states allow drivers to operate their vehicles with or without doors, provided that the rest of the car is up to code. 

The most common issue with doorless vehicles is that they don’t have mirrors. 

Before removing your Jeep’s doors, ensure that you still have the required mirrors attached to your vehicle to comply with local and state laws.

Be careful when traveling to Pennsylvania without doors. Visitors are required to follow Pennsylvania law. No exceptions will be made for those living outside of Pennsylvania. 

Therefore, ensure you reattach your doors before crossing the state line into Pennsylvania.

Final Word

Driving without doors in Pennsylvania is not only illegal but could be potentially dangerous. Once you remove your Jeep’s doors, local law enforcement will notice you. 

After all, it’s rather hard to miss a car driving without doors.

Consider your safety and the safety of your passengers before you decide to remove your Jeep’s doors and start driving around town. Also, consider how you would react if a police officer stopped you. 

Sometimes removing your Jeep’s doors isn’t worth the time and effort.

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