Busch Gardens Vs Universal Vs Disney [Which To Visit?]

When planning your next theme park adventure, consider visiting Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, or Disney Parks. Since these theme parks have different attractions and locations, you should compare them with each other. So, how do the parks compare?

Of the three theme parks, Busch Gardens has the most roller coaster rides available, making it the best theme park for teens and young adults. Universal also has many great roller coasters and themed rides, making it a good choice for tweens and kids. Disney is the best option for younger children.

Comparing Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and Disney Parks will help you choose the best theme park to visit according to your budget, location, and the age group of the people you are taking. 

Fortunately, we do just that in this article. So stick around to see how these theme parks compare with each other. 

Comparing Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, And Disney Park

There are plenty of theme parks to visit in America, and many of them are worth visiting for those who love theme parks. However, the high cost of the parks makes it essential to choose the best park for everyone in your group, especially if you have to choose one to visit.

If you want to choose one for your next trip, consider the differences between these theme parks.

Some of America’s most well-known theme parks are undoubtedly Disney Parks, Busch Gardens, and Universal Studios. These theme parks should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

But which one should you visit first? 

The best theme park to visit largely depends on your location, budget, and the age of the people traveling with you. So how do these theme parks compare in these terms and others?

Description Of All Three Parks

If you aren’t familiar with any of these theme parks, a description of each may help you decide which theme park you would like to visit. 

Busch Gardens is known for its thrill rides and roller coaster, claiming to have some of the best in the country. Busch Gardens is the perfect place to visit if you are a thrill seeker looking for adventure. 

While Busch Gardens doesn’t have a specific theme like the other theme parks, instead, it has rides based on various themes. For example, the new world’s fastest roller coaster, Pantheon, harnesses its theme from the speed and strength of the greatest Roman Gods. 

You can find rides for the whole family at Busch Gardens. Still, those who enjoy the high roller coasters will have a particularly great adventure when visiting this theme park. 

Universal Studios is based on many of the movies this studio has produced over the years, including Harry Potter, Minions, The Mummy, Men In Black, Shrek, etc. In addition, you can find rides, restaurants, and fun houses based on the theme. 

Universal Studios is ideal for anyone who loves watching movies and roller coasters.

Disney Parks likely needs no introduction since it is one of the most recognizable theme parks in the world. As you can imagine, Disney Parks is based on all the Disney movies released over the years. For example, you can find rides such as the World of Avatar, based on the the popular James Cameron 2009 movie Avatar.

Throughout the different sections of the park, you will find rides, characters, etc., based on themes from Disney movies released over the years. 

As a result, you can find the castles of all the princesses, explore the water parks, and watch the characters come to life.

Of course, Disney Parks has many roller coasters and fun houses. There are also daily parades and shows to see. Disney Parks also offers many water rides, meaning you will find something for everyone at this park. 


Although one would like to visit all these theme parks, your budget might not allow it. Therefore, choosing the best theme park also depends on how much you must spend. 

So what does it cost to visit Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, or Disney Parks? 

Tickets at Busch Gardens start at around $130, depending on which park you want to access and whether you want your dining included. You can also get an annual pass at Busch Gardens for around $220 per year. 

Tickets at Universal Studios will cost you around $109 for a day pass or $105 for a kid’s day pass. You can also buy tickets to visit more than one park or buy a ticket for Volcano Bay. Universal Studios also offers an annual pass starting at $650 per year.  

Disney Parks offers annual passes for those close to one of the parks who want to visit frequently. 

An annual pass at Disney Parks will cost around $1400, whereas you can get a day pass for about $110. Of course, park-hopper passes and other options are also available depending on what you want to do. 

Age Groups

Another consideration when selecting a theme park to visit is the age group each theme park caters to. While some theme parks are excellent for toddlers and children, others are more suitable for teenagers and young adults. 

When going to a theme park with your family, selecting one that appeals to everyone in your group would be wise. But first, consider what age groups each park caters to. 

Most large amusement parks cater to all age groups, from children to senior citizens. Still, some will have more accessibility or attractions catering to age-appropriate groups, making your vacation more enjoyable. 

However, if you’re a thrill seeker, some parks will have more attractions for specific age groups.  

Busch Gardens is the ideal theme park to visit if there are mainly teenagers and adults in your group. It has the most roller coasters and is suitable for the young and thrill-seeking. 

They also have activities for younger children but are best suited for adults, teenagers, or anyone who enjoys roller coasters.

Universal Studios is one theme park that focuses mainly on movies. This means that there are also plenty of roller coasters with different movie themes connected to them. 

Universal Studios is ideal for younger children and teenagers since many rides and activities focus on the movies they are created on. 

Disney parks are the ideal family theme park to visit if you are a mixed group or mainly have younger children and senior citizens. 

Disney parks offer various rides, water activities, and shows that people of these age groups will enjoy. Overall, anyone who likes a variety of things to do at a theme park will enjoy going to Disney Parks. 


Finally, you may also wonder about the location of each theme park. Since traveling costs are so high, you might not want to travel too far from home to have a fun day. 

So let’s consider where you can locate Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, or Disney to help you decide which theme park is best to visit next.

There are two Busch Gardens locations, one in Tampa, Florida, and another in Williamsburg, Virginia. Both theme parks have similar rides and attractions, though they aren’t the same. 

Busch Gardens in Florida is the more popular of the two, and they often host special events throughout the year.

There are also two Universal Studios located in the United States of America. One is found in Los Angeles, California, while the other is in Orlando, Florida. 

There are also Universal Studio theme parks worldwide, including those in Japan, Singapore, and China. 

There are a few Disney park locations around the world. Some are called Disneyland, while others are known as Disney World. Outside of the United States, you’ll find Disneylands located in Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. 

Should you wish to visit more than one of these parks in one trip, head to Florida, where you will find them all close to each other. 

If you visit a Disneyland park outside of the United States, you must get a passport and meet other requirements for traveling outside the US.

Final Word

When comparing the three parks, you will see that all the parks have pros and cons. Depending on your preference, budget, location, and the ages of the people in your group, one park may be better suited to you than the others. 

Before booking your vacation, it’s best to sit down and decide what you want to do when you get there and the age of everyone going. This will help you determine which park to visit.

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