Are Jeeps Safe And Reliable?

Jeep is an American brand company that is known and sold internally. It has been around for decades and is known for producing rugged off-roaders, big SUVs, and compact crossovers, and many people buy these cars every year. However, every potential Jeep owner wonders if these vehicles are safe and reliable for their purposes. 

Modern Jeeps are considered safe and reliable and only improve with each new model. Older Jeeps are not reliable and require a lot of maintenance. In addition, old Jeep models have very few safety features. New Jeeps have all of the expected modern safety features and require far less maintenance. 

There are so many cars on the market these days, and every car buyer wants to take the time to find the perfect vehicle for them and their needs. 

Jeeps are often considered for their size and off-roading ability. However, how safe and reliable are these vehicles compared to other brands? Let’s find out!

Are Jeeps Safe Vehicles?

Jeeps are well-known internationally and are a favorite among many car lovers. However, anyone buying a new car is concerned about the vehicle’s safety rating, safety features, and on-the-road real-world safety. How safe are jeeps in this regard?

Jeeps are considered to be safe vehicles. Every modern Jeep has a 4 or 5-star safety rating. In addition, most have modern safety features to keep the vehicle and its occupants safe. 

Which Jeep Model Has The Best Safety Scores?

According to, the safest model is the 2019 Cherokee. It was awarded the Top Safety Pick, by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Safety Features Found In Most Models

Jeeps are equipped with airbags, anti-lock brakes, accident avoidance systems, driver aids, electronic stability management systems, high-quality safety belts, traction control, tire pressure monitors, and decent telematic systems. 

These features are standard on most modern jeeps, regardless of their spec. In addition, some higher-end models are equipped with features such as lane departure warnings to warn the driver if they drift out of the lane, collision sensors with early warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and even emergency contact buttons. 

Not every Jeep on the road has all these safety features; some jeeps are safer than others. 

Wranglers and Gladiators are not as safe as other Jeep models, for example, as they do not have as many airbags, and some do not have anti-lock braking systems. 

Modern Jeep models are far safer than models from the past, and very old Jeeps tend to have abysmal safety ratings. 

But if you plan on purchasing a modern jeep or even one a few years old, rest assured the vehicle has some of the best safety features.

Are Jeeps Reliable?

We have established that modern Jeeps are safe, but what about the reliability of Jeep vehicles? Unfortunately, these vehicles are notorious for poor reliability, and they have developed a poor reputation in this regard. 

So is this a reliable vehicle?

The best way to answer this question is in two parts: modern Jeeps and older Jeeps, as the answer changes depending on the Jeep model in question and the year it was made. 

The Reliability Of Modern Jeeps

Let’s begin with the reliability of modern Jeeps.

Modern Jeeps are far more reliable than their predecessors and are becoming more reliable with every new model. Most new Jeep owners report very low maintenance requirements for modern Jeeps, and the maintenance required is usually minor. 

Jeeps made to modern standards are made to be very reliable, and they are held to better standards than those of previous generations. 

The newest model jeeps are the most reliable, proving themselves as Jeep maintenance costs decline yearly. 

Modern Jeeps are unlikely to break down or have severe issues outside of poor maintenance or accidents. They will keep you safe on the roads and get to where you are going without incident. 

The Reliability Of Older Jeeps

Older Jeep models are, unfortunately, not as reliable as modern versions and are known for breaking down and having serious maintenance or recall issues. 

For example, older Jeep Grand Cherokee models have reported many recalls and brake issues. Unfortunately, this model has had the most recalls, with more than 150. 

If you’re driving one, you can check the VIN to see if your Jeep has been recalled.

Jeeps are generally reliable vehicles, but they require proper maintenance and periodic servicing to keep them running smoothly.

These vehicles are usually easy to repair. Plenty of spare parts are available. But unfortunately, they have frequent issues and require significant and constant maintenance. 

Many owners of older Jeeps replace their engines, transmission, and drive-train systems to improve their reliability. 

This is a very costly exercise and is only necessary if you want to drive the Jeep regularly without any problems. 

This is usually only done to classic Jeep models considered desirable or attractive. 

Apart from these instances, older Jeeps should not be used if reliability is crucial for you unless the vehicle has been entirely overhauled recently. 

Can You Trust A Jeep To Always Be Safe And Reliable?

The reputation of older Jeep models has unfortunately tarnished the reputation of the newer models. Even though modern Jeeps have outstanding safety ratings and are found to be reliable, potential Jeep owners are still concerned about these vehicles and whether or not they are always safe and reliable. 

Modern Jeeps are always safe and reliable, but some models are safer than others. Therefore, buying a Jeep should be done based on what you want to use the vehicle for and what you want to get out of the Jeep. 

If your primary purpose for purchasing a Jeep is off-roading activities, do not anticipate having the highest quality safety functions. Rather than being built with top security in mind, these vehicles are intended to be as rugged and durable as possible.

Jeeps are built for urban environments where they will be used at high speeds and in close proximity to other vehicles, 

pedestrians and obstacles generally have better safety features and are all-around safer vehicles.

All modern Jeeps are reliable, as they are built to better standards than other Jeeps. Still, they are only as reliable as how they are used and maintained. 

Neglecting your Jeep is a surefire way to have it break down on you. 

But, if you give your vehicle the attention it deserves with regular servicing and maintenance, its reliability will be second to none.

This means that modern Jeeps will always be safe and reliable, so long as you manage your safety and reliability expectations based on the model you buy and maintain the vehicle well. 

Final Word

Jeep vehicles have become a global phenomenon, yet only modern models can be counted on to offer dependability and security. 

The older the model, the less reliable it is and the fewer its safety features. 

Modern Jeeps are as reliable and safe as any other modern SUV. Still, only specific models have the best safety features. Modern Jeeps require far less maintenance than old models and are safe.

Before purchasing any vehicle, make sure you understand the expected reliability and safety features of the model you are buying. 

That way, you can ensure that your Jeep will live up to its expectations and provide reliable performance for years to come.

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